Monday, November 01, 2010

Huang Family Newsletter, October 2010

Amy’s job is tiring on many levels but also rewarding: she’s using all she’s learned in school and more, and can really make an impact in her patients’ lives. She’s been efficient with her shrinking free time, getting sleep as needed and also making sure the house is clean, the laundry’s done, and we’re all fed.

Lee has his own rhythm down in terms of getting the kids to and from school on his bicycle. He had speaking engagements in Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Baltimore for work, and also played hooky from work to do lunch with Aaron one day and a fall festival with Jada another day.

The kids quite enjoy their schools. Aaron will move from Transitional Pre-K to regular Pre-K next month, and Jada loves all the cool stuff she gets to do in kindergarten and in her after-school program.

We had a great church retreat at America’s Keswick – spiritually meaningful and also a lot of fun recreation. Speaking of fun, we packed the schedule again, with two trips to the zoo, a Gotcha Day celebration for Jada, a jaunt to Northern Liberties, homecoming on the Penn campus, and all sorts of Halloween-themed activities.
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