Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tracking Eyeballs

Though I write for myself as much as others, it is interesting to monitor traffic to my site on a periodic basis. Thanks to the good people at StatCounter, I give you two bar charts of page views by month: one of Huang Kid Khronicles (top) and one of Musings of an Urban Christian (bottom). (These counts don’t include people viewing my posts through Facebook; my posts get automatically posted there, but the counts don’t get picked up.)

Huang Kids is pretty easy to interpret: there’s a spike up when we got Jada, another spike up when we got Aaron, and then a tiny spike up as a result of my parents’ car accident. Musings shows a much bigger spike up as a result of my parents’ car accident, and another spike up last month that I’m not sure I have any explanation for.

That’s all I got for now. However often you come check me, thanks for your attention and consider musing with me by leaving a comment.
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