Sunday, October 10, 2010

Made in China

Our weekly rhythm is already fast-paced, but add in a weekend-long retreat followed by two evenings out for me and you have the formula for two tired parents. So we went way mellow on the weekend plans and took our time yesterday morning. But, with today being Jada's Gotcha Day, we decided to splurge a little: a trip to Toys R Us in the late morning, and a jaunt to McDonald's for dinner.

As we walked home from Mickey D's, I remarked at the irony of celebrating our adoption from China by going to two quintessentially American institutions, especially considering that other American parents we went to China with were likely holding celebrations for their kids at the same time, but with far more connection to the country of origin of their adopted daughters. Amy quipped, "Well, the toys we got from Toys R Us and McDonald's were all made in China, and so was Jada, so there's your rationale."

No matter how we celebrate it, we are thankful to God for bringing Jada into our life, and giving us front row seats in her development over time. So glad we gotcha, Jada!

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