Sunday, September 26, 2010

Like Father, Like Children

Now that our new school commuting patterns are somewhat established, I thought it would be fun to document what they mean for the kids in terms of fresh air and exercise. And, to see whether there is any validity to the generational cry of “when I was your age we walked eight miles uphill both ways,” I’ve added in what my commute was like when I was in school.

K-2 - walk 0.5 mi each way = 1.0 mi per day
3-5 - carpool
6-8 - walk or bike 1.2 mi each way = 2.4 mi per day
9-12 - walk 0.6 mi each way = 1.2 mi per day

Walk 0.2 mi out, 0.3 mi in = 0.5 mi per day

Aaron (if by bike)
Walk 0.2 mi, get biked 1.6 mi (out); get biked 1.6 mi, walk 0.3 mi (in) = 0.5 mi per day

Aaron (if by bus)
Walk 0.2 mi, walk 0.2 mi, walk 0.1 mi, walk 0.2 mi (out); get carried 0.9 mi, walk 0.1 mi (in) = 0.8 mi per day

(Speaking of comparing childhoods, my parents used to take my sister and I to the local community college every Sunday morning to run laps on the track. You better believe that the day is coming soon when I will be regularly schlepping Aaron and Jada to Franklin Field on the Penn campus and telling them to run around the football field.)
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