Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Waiting for Number Two

Try as we might, Aaron continues to not be able to go number two in the potty. He’s a champ with number one, although more often than not on our prompting and not his. But with number two, there has not yet been breakthrough. The routine is that some minutes after the bedtime routine has finished and the kids are off to bed, he will come sauntering out of his room to announce that he has gone number two in his diaper.

To preempt this act, we have taken to returning to his room and escorting him to the bathroom to give number two a try. One night, he followed me in, sat down on the toilet dutifully, and went pee. After I got his nighttime diaper back on, I asked him to wash his hands, put his pajama bottoms back on, and go back to bed.

A few minutes later, he called to me from his bed to say he needed to go number two. Aha! Finally, we have breakthrough. Alas, this try yielded nothing. And, a few minutes later, he was announcing that he had yet again gone number two in his diaper and needed a change.

We will continue our attempts and our affirmations. But I sure hope breakthrough is coming soon.
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