Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Visit to the Developmental Pediatrician

Earlier this week was our semi-annual appointments with our kids' developmental pediatrician. This meeting, like all the others, was very useful and very affirming. Even thinking of all the progress both of our kids have made since the last visit was encouraging.

For Aaron, he surprised us by handling all of the paces he was put through. Increasingly, it feels like he has no development delays, just major temperamental and behavioral problems that will hopefully improve over time. Of course, this is like saying Donald Trump's a good guy but he just needs to work on not having so big an ego, but hey, we'll take this as progress. We were also given some good ideas about managing his tantrums, his bedtimes, and his potty training.

Jada continues to prove to be a fascinating case. She is so bright and charming, and desires so much to please, that our doctor made a statement we have heard before: "she will be a delight to her teachers." This reaffirms the importance for us of good, structured learning environments, in which she is likely to thrive. More fluid interactions, involving new conversations and cues, continue to vex her: she simply does not know how to respond to the kinds of things that kids far younger than her know cold, like compliments and hellos. This will be a major focus area in future speech therapy sessions we take her to.

(In case you are curious, and for my own documentation's sake, here is some additional data points. Jada is 38 1/4 pounds and stands 3 feet 5 1/2 inches tall, with blood pressure of 96/53 and heart rate of 84. Aaron is 36 pounds and stands 3 feet 3 3/4 inches tall, with blood pressure of 98/55 and heart rate of 107.)
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