Wednesday, August 04, 2010

National Night Out, the West Philly Version

I saw signs for National Night Out while we were at the Shore last week, so was pleased to come home to a flyer slipped into my mail slot announcing our block's version. My councilperson, Jannie Blackwell, is a neighbor - we can see into each other's backyards - so the kids and I didn't have to go far for the fun. I got home a tick early and, after dinner, we headed out to see what was what on National Night Out, the West Philly version.

What was what was free food, moon bounce, face painting, and a water ice truck pulled into the street dispensing scoops of all colors. Councilwoman Blackwell and our state representative, James Roebuck, were in the house, and Mayor Nutter made an extended appearance to shake hands. Of course, the kids didn't want to leave, had to be literally dragged a block home, and were even more fussy than usual at bedtime for being all riled up on a school night. But it was worth it. See pics at my twitpic page.
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