Sunday, August 01, 2010

Huang Family Newsletter, July 2010

Yet another month o' fun for the Huangs:

* Weekend 1, our cousins were in town so we took them all over Philly in the morning - Love Park, Chinatown, National Constitution Center, Franklin Square - and then did a dinner picnic in Rittenhouse Square and tried in vain to stay up for fireworks.

* Weekend 2, we were treated to a lavish wedding reception at my cousin's second home in Mystic, replete with temporary tattoos, moon bouncing, and balloon animals.

* Weekend 3, we luxuriated in the lake beside my boss' house at our company's annual picnic.

* Weekend 4 and 5, we did our annual Jersey Shore vacation in Ocean City, getting plenty of sun and sand as well as rides and treats on the boardwalk.

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