Monday, August 09, 2010

Fun Weekend

The fun weekends keep on piling up. Here's what this past weekend brought.

Saturday morning - Amy had CPR class all morning downtown. I had planned a play date with my friend but he had to reschedule, so I took the kids on a mini-grocery run and then to Radio Shack to fix our busted portable DVD player. We threw the perishables into the fridge and then strolled to the playground near Jada's near school to play in the sandbox for the rest of the morning before retiring home for an early lunch and nap times.

Saturday early afternoon - I had to roust Aaron from a deep sleep to get us all to my boss' house downtown. He and his wife graciously invited us over to look at any hand-me-downs Jada might want. We left with many bags of clothes, but not before taking a tour of his gorgeous home, built in the 1850's.

Saturday late afternoon - We zipped straight from there to Amy's parents' house to celebrate Amy's grandfather's 94th birthday and hang out with Amy's aunt and uncle in from South Carolina. Jada and Aaron splashed in the pool and watched Beauty and the Beast.

Sunday early morning - I took the kids down the street to the barber shop to get my and Aaron's hairs cut. Jada wore a pretty dress and posed in front of a fan, reveling in the wind-swept look it created.

Sunday late morning - We four attended our church's morning service, prayed for a team of members and local college students going off to Bolivia, and got free vegetables from our church's urban garden.

Sunday early afternoon - After retiring home for lunch and naps, I took the kids to the local park, where our church was having its annual picnic. The picnic had thinned out by the time we arrived, so Jada and Aaron puttered around on the playground equipment for about an hour before we headed home.

Sunday late afternoon - Our friends from down the street called to see if we were still at the park. We were right outside our house so we said come over instead. The four kids played up on our third floor for about an hour, and then I took the four to our friend's house while he went and got food for the evening's festivities.

Sunday evening - Birthday party at our friend's house. Animal bingo, pizza and cupcakes, and even a spirited (albeit brief for our kids, it's getting late!) soccer game in the empty lot behind their house.

After a weekend like that, our kids mercifully went to bed with little resistance. And, two tired parents followed not long after.
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