Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Caring Center

Last July, I wrote of our initial interview with my colleague who runs the Caring Center, a highly regarded day care and pre-school facility here in West Philadelphia. Such places are, usually, either bad, unavailable, far away, or expensive - it's too much to ask for your school option to be good, available, nearby, and cheap, so you have to compromise on at least one - but in this case, we were able to get it all. At the time, we were so glad for the opening and for the subsidy, and hopeful this would be a good place for Jada, particularly given her speech and other delays.

Well, yesterday was her last day and the Caring Center has been as advertised and then some. Her year there has helped her catch up a lot on her developmental issues, introduced her and to new friends, and connected her with some really special teachers and administrators. After a brief stint at her old school and Aaron's current school, she will be off to another highly regarded school, Penn Alexander, for kindergarten next month, while Aaron will shift over to the Caring Center and have his own opportunity to learn and grow at this remarkable facility.

Parents out there, you know what a difference there is in your psyche knowing that your kids are going to good schools with good people. We are grateful to be so fortunate, grateful for the Caring Center, and looking ahead to even more growth and happiness for both our kids at their new schools.
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