Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Fun

Yesterday, amidst a scorcher of a day, we four headed back down to Delaware for my cousin's wedding. Jada and Aaron looked darling in their fancy duds, of course, and Amy was stunning, as well; I had to put my good suit on just to fit in. The ceremony took place by the Reflecting Pool at Winterthur Museum and Garden. The kids reveled in looking at and running around the water, and thankfully no one fell in. The bride was beautiful and the groom happy, everyone enjoyed themselves, and the reception left plenty of time and room for the kids to run around to their heart's content. At one point during the salad course, there were eight or nine kids twirling and sashaying on the dance floor; and Aaron in particular kept sidling up to the table with the wedding cake, looking shifty and then being shooed away.

Alas, it was a late night for us, so we opted to cut out early. Again, Jada and Aaron had to be hoisted into the house, and again Jada had difficulty falling back asleep. This week will be a bit of a slog for all of us, but hopefully all the fun pics I was able to take will help us remember that we had a really good time through it all.

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