Friday, April 30, 2010

Sleep, Interrupted: The Late Showing and the Early, Early Showing

Our kids can be a handful, but bless them and bless God, they're good sleepers. And we need every minute of their silence at night, for we need to take care of our to-do's and get in a good night's sleep ourselves, just to keep up with them.

So life gets a little crankier the rare times their sleep and ours is interrupted. This literally happens, between the two of them, once every few months.

So it was quite the rarity to be "treated" to a double feature of "sleep, interrupted" the other night. Aaron was howling around midnight, requiring visits by both Amy and me. And Jada arose at 3, which is early even for me, whimpering about being afraid of the dark; never mind we leave her bedroom light and the hallway light on for her for this very reason.

Needless to say, all the Huangs were a little grumpy the next morning: sleep-deprived, morning routines thrown off or cast away altogether, dreading a repeat performance the following night. This is one scene none of us want to do again.
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