Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Huang Family Newsletter, March 2010

Kids - Jada got her official acceptance letter into her neighborhood school for kindergarten; not that it's selective, but because of high demand, we were holding our breath until we knew for sure they'd have a spot for her. She's learning to read and is becoming quite a prolific artist. Aaron now gets picked up in a little yellow school bus for his "circle school" two mornings a week, and luxuriates in "Mama time" the rest of those days, while chilling with friends at his regular school the other three days a week.

Adults - Amy has one more month of school, and she's not sure what's next in terms of employment. Lee made two work trips to DC, and co-authored well-received reports for PhillyCarShare (on the economic and environmental impact of its existence on the Philadelphia region) and Digital Impact Group (on the economic impact of 100 million people in the US still not having "always on" broadband Internet access in their homes). Ten years after buying our house and five years after becoming parents, we made two big steps towards the more permanent arrangement of both kids sleeping up on the 3rd floor: we carpeted Jada's room and bought her a bed.
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