Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hello, Goodnight

Many years after I last read Jada "Goodnight Moon," I think I'm going to work it back into the rotation. For years, we read it every night, and she would insist I point to every item on every page so she could say what it was.

Fast forward to the present, and the reason why I'm so excited to read it with her again is that it's the perfect book for her to learn how to read with. Between her familiarity with the story, the pictures, and sounding out the letters, it's a great first book for her to gain confidence reading herself.

It's fun to see her sound out letters and sounds, and try to decipher what a word is based on those sounds and on what's on the page and on what she remembers about the story. Hopefully, her little brain will take to this activity, and she'll soon want to move on to a different, more difficult book, en route to becoming a young reader. In the meantime, hello "Goodnight," and welcome back to the rotation.
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