Wednesday, March 03, 2010


After a successful bus ride with Jada to her friend's birthday party on Sunday, later that week brought bus rides for both the kids. Aaron's "circle school" now does pick-up and drop-off, and so instead of taking Aaron there and then waiting there during the sessions, Amy can just pack his backpack, get him boarded onto the "cheese bus" (see picture for example), and have the house to herself until Aaron is dropped back off an hour and change later. It was the cutest thing to see Aaron all bundled up, with his backpack on, peering out the front door to see if the bus had arrived.

As for Jada, the melting of the snow meant the end of the detours that had made the most direct bus ride less direct. So earlier this week, she and I tried that way home, and it was surprisingly fast. Even better, she made a fast friend: a little girl her age who got on the bus with her mother at the same stop as use, and who insisted on standing near us and gabbing away with Jada near the back of the bus, even though her mother and her baby sister were closer to the front of the bus.

What childhood is complete without some memories of bopping along in either a SEPTA bus or one of those unmistakable "cheese buses"? When all is said and done, Aaron and Jada will have their share of "buscapades," too.
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