Friday, February 26, 2010

Irritable When Tired

Aaron's legendary crabbiness has been largely absent from our day-to-day travails of late. We've noticed, his grandparents have noticed, and we're all so proud and happy. Sure, he still has his tantrums and meltdowns, but what three-year-old doesn't? It's been a good run.

Yesterday, though, was a bit of a bad blip. I rousted him from bed in the morning, as I was taking both him and Jada to school and needed to get going. So, right there, he was getting his much needed beauty sleep clipped short.

With the storm looming, Jada's school dismissed early, and I decided to get Aaron as well, instead of having to go back out for him later. Of course, when I went to get Aaron, he was fast asleep, as it was nap time. He followed me back to the car without complaint, but I felt bad that, for a second time, I had rousted him up prematurely.

The interrupted sleep caught up to him later that day, as he was crabby before dinner, crabby during dinner, and crabby after dinner. Now this is the Aaron we remember from just a few weeks back! Not that we missed that; on the contrary.

He took a little while longer to get himself asleep once we put him to bed, howling for a little more TLC before being willing to give up the ghost for the night. Thankfully, this time, he would be able to sleep soundly, without his daddy rousting him up and whisking him off to the next thing. Sure, he was a beast, but I can sympathize: who isn't irritable when tired?
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