Monday, January 11, 2010


I have posted often of our fondness of Philly Diner. We upgraded this past weekend to California Pizza Kitchen. The food and setting was not as scuzzy as the Diner, but by no means is this fine dining.

And yet we got a big stink-eye from a woman sitting in the next booth over with her daughter. I guess Amy and I were just glad to get out of the house and enjoy some good food and conversation, so if Aaron wants to crawl under the table and Jada wants to talk her loud ghetto smack talk, so be it as long as they eat their dinner and don't bother other patrons.

In fact, the place was loud enough, and with enough other young families, that we hardly stood out. But that didn't stop Ms. Stink-eye from looking at us in shock, peppering in some very high-quality eyerolls, gasps, and tsk-tsks. Ah well, her loss; she may have derived some enjoyment in looking down on us, but we had the better time.
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