Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dispatches from the Home Front - Saturday the 16th

After a whirlwind first half of January, a long travel day, and a packed first day in SJ, we went a little on the mellower side on Saturday. I snuck a run and some work in before Jada woke up, and was able to get a little more work in as Jada had breakfast and played with toys. Auntie Mester arrived mid-morning, and we decided to go to Rancho San Antonio, a favorite local hiking and running spot of mine.

City girl that Jada is, she was excited to actually climb a mountain. She made quick friends with another pint-sized hiker, and alternated between skipping and being carried by me, until we reached Deer Hollow, a real-life farm with animals and vegetables. Jada made another friend (a dead ringer for Aaron, ironically), and then Uncle Dither caught up with us there, and then we made a beeline home for lunch.

I was hoping that all that walking, plus a nice warm bath, would put sleepy Jada in the mood for a nap. Alas, she did play in her room for an hour, but she did not fall asleep. So I plopped her in front of Little Mermaid and caught some much needed Z's while she watched.

We hit the road again in the late afternoon to meet some college friends of mine at a Vietnamese restaurant in Newark. Jada wasn't as into the food, and she didn't want to draw without providing running commentary to me, so I had to juggle conversing with her and with my friends. We stayed later than she wanted, so when we arrived home, it wasn't too long before she was under the covers and fast asleep.

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