Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome to the Sandwich Generation

I think the term is "sandwich generation," although I don't quite like the way it sounds. But Amy and I do feel a little pressed, since we have two little ones with extra needs, and three of their four grandparents are dealing with their own physical issues: my mom and dad are recovering from last summer's car accident, and Amy's dad is having a major surgery next month.

It is natural to wish things were easier, and Amy and I certainly feel that way. But we are trying to also savor these relationships, even and especially as they are now filled with all sorts of figurative nooks and crannies. And we are trying to remember that we ourselves are in the primes of our lives, rich in loving family members and hopefully with many years to come to enjoy those members.

Of course, somewhere in all this mix, Amy and I would do well to make time for each other and for our own individual recharge time. Harder to do when responsibilities come up, but all the more important to safeguard. Easier said than done for the sandwich generation.
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