Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Day

As the snow kept falling, our plans kept changing. First, I was going to take them to Please Touch Museum. Then, as the snow accumulated, I vowed to not use our car, lest we lose the primo spot right in front of our house, so I thought I'd take the kids for a walk. But then the snow got really heavy, so stuck at home were we.

But after far too much TV, it was time for the kids to have a little outside time. My best laid plans for building a snowman went for nought, as Aaron kept gashing my base with a toy snow shovel. But oh well, the kids seemed to have fun anyway. Jada made snow angels, and Aaron wielded his snow shovel with abandon.

Afterwards, we put their clothes in the dryer, fed them a big lunch, and shuttled them off to room time. It's good to be a kid when it snows like this.

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