Thursday, December 03, 2009


A busy job means I pretty much am multi-tasking from 9 to 5 (well, technically 8 to 6). But the multi-tasking starts much sooner than that. Witness breakfast in the Huang household, when one or both parents can be seen doing the following NINE things all at once:

1. Getting the kids' breakfast made.
2. Making sure the kids are eating breakfast without making too much of a mess.
3. Making our own breakfast.
4. Eating our own breakfast.
5. Packing our lunches (Lee) and coffee (Amy).
6. Putting away last night's dishes.
7. Washing the new dirty dishes.
8. Wiping down the kitchen table and counters.
9. Reading the paper (Lee) or reviewing class notes (Amy).

In other words, whew! Of course, it's a whirlwind before (diapers, clothes, cleaning up rooms) and after (coats, shoes, snacks) breakfast as well. And my co-workers wonder why I have a smile on my face even as I'm juggling a measly four or five things simultaneously at my desk.
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