Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Many Eyeballs, One Computer

We only have one computer at home, a Dell we bought a couple of years ago. It's OK since Amy and I use it at different times of the day, me early in the morning and her late at night. Every so often, we both need it, but it's never urgent, so it rarely becomes a problem.

However. Enter our two little ones, who largely panned the most recent Netflix movie we got them ("Bolt"), and who have instead taken to watching Dora the Explorer episodes on the Internet. So now we have two little ones camped out in front of the monitor during peak computer usage times such as the early evening right after dinner.

Since there are only two chairs in our office, and the kids share on, that leaves us one short if Amy and I both want to be in there. So now we use that time to sneak in some hugs and kisses, since the kids don't seem to like it when we do that sort of thing in front of them.

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