Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jada's Surprising Maternal Side

Chinese sleeper agent that she is, Jada has never sported a softer side. So it has been surprising to see her maternal side emerge in recent weeks. She has always had her Dolly in hand, but now is referring to Dolly as her baby, and makes sure that Dolly gets baths and gets tucked in for naps. She plays well with Aaron, one time even spontaneously hugging Aaron while the two of them were enjoying each others' company on the subway ride downtown. She even stopped what she was doing once, when Aaron fell off his tricycle while they were horsing around in the living room, and asked Aaron if he was OK and even stroked his shoulder lovingly. That last act had Amy and I scratching our heads and wondering what had happened to the Jada we knew. What has happened, perhaps, is that there is a softer side to her after all.
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