Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Jada Shines

It was a crazy day at work: with the exception of a 15-minute window, I had meetings or travel stacked end to end from 7 in the morning to 6 at night. One of those meetings was not work-related: it was the annual meet-up with Jada's special services team. I was looking forward to it, but also wondering aloud why it had to fall smack dab in the middle of such a hectic day.

But I'm glad I went. Because I got to hear Jada's care coordinator, speech therapist, and pre-school teacher all sing her praises. Many of her speech difficulties, which I had seen had caused her such angst just a few months ago, were nowhere to be found in each of these helpers' individual interactions with her. They described a little girl who is confident, well-behaved, attentive, and bright. She still has her issues and her deficiencies, but she has made huge strides in just even a few months.

In the midst of a day in which I had my game face on for 11 hours straight, I cracked a bunch of wide smiles and almost even shed a tear. For my little girl, who had such a difficult start to her life, and who found herself so far behind on so many basic skills, is making her way back. And, along the way, she is winning herself lots of fans, who find themselves just as taken and delighted as I am with her.

Thanks to these helpers for investing in my little girl. Thanks to Amy for staying on top of all the paperwork and meetings and logistics. Thanks to the Caring Center for providing Jada with such a supportive and stimulating setting. And thanks to God for all of His provision, for packing this little dynamo with all sorts of good stuff, and then for unleashing her on us and giving us a front row seat to watching her flourish.
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