Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Par-tay

Many inches of snow could not deter our small group Bible study members from making the trek to our house for good fun, kid craft time, and a children's book exchange. It helped that the other three families live one block, six blocks, and seven blocks away. There is no way this gathering happens if we live in the suburbs; yet another reason why cities are conducive to Christian community and social fun.

But enough of the pro-urban commentary. We had a lot of fun! The parents were all relieved to be relieved of their kids, after a day in which lots of snow made for stir-crazy kids. We reveled in recipe secrets, war stories about parenting, and the general pleasure of conversing with other like-minded adults. The kids enjoyed more juice and dessert than they're used to getting, a riot of toys and games, and the ability to stay up later than usual.

Kudos to everyone for their contribution of activity ideas, books for the book exchange, and delicious entrees. And a special pat on the back to Amy for cooking a perfect turkey, cleaning the house, and orchestrating the overall layout of the house. Good times all around.

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