Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday Bash

I'm pretty sure we didn't have stuff like the Funplex when we were growing up. Jada attended another birthday party of a classmate of hers, and this place had it all: ball pit gone wild, video games in the style of Chuck E. Cheese, and bumper cars. For bigger kids or warmer times, you could also go bowling, play mini golf, and ride water slides. Even the traditional pizza and cake was bigger and brasher: after blowing out the candles, the birthday boy was whisked across the room into a wind chamber, where we all cheered him on as he tried to stuff play money into a box. Needless to say, both Jada and I needed a nap after it all: Jada from coming down after a huge sugar rush of fruit punch and two pieces of cake, and me from all of the sensory overload.

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