Friday, December 04, 2009

Aaron's Toilet

In our ongoing saga to potty train Aaron, Amy decided to try a little experiment. He's pretty good at going pee-pee in the potty, but he still goes in his diaper. To move things along, Amy tried taking his diaper off one evening, letting him go commando, and seeing if it would spur him to use the potty rather than just let it go, the logic being that not having the safety net of a diaper might encourage him to make the effort to use the potty.

Of course, when you're engrossed in a new animated movie, and you're sitting comfortably in your father's lap, who has brain space to remember to get up and go? In fact, we were sitting so snugly that I didn't notice he had used me as his toilet until we turned the movie off and I lifted him off my lap. Indeed, a nice wet mark that had soaked all the way through his pajama pants and through my sweatshirt, T-shirt, pajama pants, and underwear.

Not an epic fail, but neither a success in this potty experiment. Oh well. We'll keep trying.
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