Monday, November 02, 2009

Little Gymnasts

As if the kids didn't get enough fun out of a weekend that included Halloween-themed fun at Please Touch Museum, throughout the neighborhood via a costume parade, and finally at our house for a big party and lots of trick-or-treating, they were invited to a very fun birthday party at Little Gym in Narberth, which in addition to doing gymnastics and dance classes also hosts parties that capitalize on their very cool gym equipment. Jada particularly enjoyed playing games with balls and rainbow parachutes, as well as showing off her innate gymnastics skills on the balance beam and parallel bars. Aaron had been rousted from his afternoon nap so was a little more reserved at first, but eventually got into the swing of things and of course tore into the cake and ice cream at the end. In other words, the kids got to be kids this weekend. I wonder if they will wonder why all weekends don't include so much candy and frolicking.

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