Monday, November 16, 2009

Bouncy Birthday

Jada scored an invite to her classmate's birthday part at Bounce U, which could also be known as "Heaven for Jada." Friends, inflatable structures to bounce off of, a humongous slide, and pizza and cake? Bliss, at least for one weekend afternoon.

As for me, I got to know some of Jada's classmates and their parents. Getting names out of her before this party was like a CIA interrogation - typical conversation goes like this: me - "What are your friends' names?" Jada - "I'm not talking." - but now I know names and faces of about two-thirds of her classmates. And since the fun was supervised by Bounce U workers, we all got a little respite from watching our kids like hawks. (Well, except for parents who only have one kid, who clearly had more vigor than the rest of us, as evidence by their willingness to shed their shoes and their dignity and bounce around with their kids. Oh, to have that much energy again.)

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