Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aaron: Misses No Naps, Jada: Missus No Naps

Weekend early afternoons are blissful times in the Huang household. Usually, we've done something pretty high-maintenance in the morning, like a jaunt downtown or a trip to the zoo or the Please Touch Museum. Late afternoons tend to be more mellow: the kids playing around the house, followed by dinner, followed by TV or bath, and then bedtime.

Ah, but early afternoons on the weekend are the best. For once the kids are off to "room time," Amy and I finally have a window of time to take a nap ourselves. Amy always finds herself in our bedroom, while I opt for the purple room, where magazines and crosswords soon give away to a much-needed snooze. Poor Aaron usually can't wait to crawl into his crib and be knocked out for a couple of hours as well.

However, there is the matter of Jada. Less than thirty minutes in, she is done being cooped up in her room, no matter how many toys she has squirreled away in there. She bounds up the stairs and heads straight for the purple room, where I am already asleep. She begins to circle the coffee table in front of the couch where I am crashed out, announcing at irregular intervals that she wants to watch TV or play her video game.

Occasionally, she will temporarily cease her circling of the coffee table and perch herself on the top of my couch to look out the window, never mind that her feet decide to rest on top of me in the process. Then, she will recommence her circling, until I finally wake up enough to honor her request, after which she will settle herself down on top of me, deciding that my chest makes an obviously more comfortable seat than any other alternative in the room.

Our daughter: part vulture, part percher. And no part napper. Or, if I could summarize our kids on weekend afternoons in a pithy, bumper sticker sort of way, it would be: Aaron - Misses No Naps, Jada - Missus No Naps.
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