Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Can Has Cat

So, apparently, for the past week or so, we have been temporary stewards of a black, white, and orange cat who lives on our front porch and in our garden. “Kitty,” as we’ve taken to calling her, has no collar, and no one has stepped up and said they are her owner.

So, since the middle of last week, Amy has provided Kitty with a blanket to sleep on and a bowl of cat food and water every day. She can’t get too near Kitty, as she is quite allergic to cats, but the kids have had no such problem. I’m not much of a pet-lover, but I must admit it is quite endearing to see Aaron and Jada be so tender with this little cat. And, Kitty has not done anything to incite my ire: she lies peacefully on the porch or in the garden, mews to me in the morning to let me know she’s hungry, and hasn’t made a mess.

Our next-door neighbor, whose Oreo (black and white cat) is a source of vicarious enjoyment for our kids who like to peek in on her out of our second-floor window, has volunteered to take on Kitty soon. So, thankfully for me, we will bear no long-term responsibility for her. But, I have a feeling that as Amy and the kids will miss her, so will I.
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