Sunday, August 09, 2009

Eagle Eye

I took Aaron and Jada to the park yesterday, and after rolling around in the dirt and splashing around in the water for 45 minutes, they wanted a little snack. I slid my hand into the diaper bag and pulled out two tiny packages of cheese crackers, and let them snack away. After they had scarfed those down, Jada chirped that she was still hungry. I told her I didn't have any more snack, so she would have to wait until dinner. She responded, "No, you have two lollipops in there." Indeed I did, but I didn't want her to know, which is why I had carefully stuck my hand in the bag to fish out the cheese crackers, assuming there was no way she could have seen in and caught a glimpse of the Dum Dums. I forgot I can't take my little eagle eye for granted. Her incredible eyesight, and her catching her father in a little white lie, earned her and her brother each a lollipop.
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