Thursday, July 02, 2009

Chatty Commuters

A commute can make or break one's psyche. By car: road rage or soothing music? By train: jostling in cramped spaces or luxuriating in a good book? By bike: near-death experiences or pleasant scenery? By foot: blazing sun or leisurely stroll?

As for me, I have an unusually convenient commute. I live a mile away from work, and day care is about two-thirds of the way there, so it's hard to top that. And yet my fellow commuters, while sometimes being pleasant to be with, have lately become extremely chatty, to the point that they often talk simultaneously for the majority of our time together. To compound matters, they insist on me responding, or else will repeat what they just said more loudly and angrily until I do.

For an introvert like me, this is a very draining experience. Juggling not only a steady conversation with no breaks but two parallel conversations can leave me stressed. But I guess I'll still take it over stop-and-go traffic or dodging wayward SUVs in the bike lane.
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