Friday, June 26, 2009

Will Explode if Mixed

The alleged benefit of having kids close together in age is that they can play with each other. Amy and I haven't seen much of that benefit around here. If anything, Aaron and Jada have a sort of "may explode if mixed" relationship. Both are relatively fine alone, but together they require adult supervision: Aaron will meanly try to snatch away whatever toy Jada is playing with, Jada will dance around Aaron teasingly as she tries to play keep-away, Aaron will finally catch her and whomp her, Jada will cry, Aaron will cry, and then cue the adults.

I suppose it takes time to share when you're two and four, but it's still oh so frustrating for Amy and me to walk in on two kids in the middle of a room full of toys, fussing over the one toy that has sat unused in the closet for months and that both of them now simply must play with. If I knew anything about chemistry, I would insert an analogy here about two otherwise innocent substances that, if mixed, produce a violent reaction. Although if I ever learn about such substances, I will simply refer to them as "Aaron" and "Jada."
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