Monday, June 22, 2009

Role Reversal

We four don't actually play together a whole lot at home, since we're often out of the house at work, school, day care, or any one of a handful of typical Huang family play spots. But, with all the rain of late, there have been many windows of home play opportunities. One of our new favorites is to reverse roles: Aaron and Jada like to play Mommy and Daddy, and that makes Amy and me the babies. Their view of what it means to be parents is telling:

* When Amy and I mockingly whine and cry and demand, they are surprisingly calm and attentive; is this what they want us to be like when they whine and cry and demand?

* They bring us to day care and then they go to "meetings" (this is my generic word for anything Amy or I have to do outside the house)

* They'll put us to "bed" (meaning "pile blankets on top of us") and then climb into our bed; and, if we sidle over to our bedroom to check on them, they'll yell out to us, "Go back to your room," just like we do when they try to pull that trick on us

In short, this is their take on how we are and how we are with them. I guess it's not just the therapists who gain insight into someone through role reversal.
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