Friday, May 29, 2009

New Wheels

I'm not sure you're supposed to put as many miles on a stroller as we have on ours, but such is life in the city. Ours particularly works for our walking-heavy lifestyle because Aaron and Jada can sit in the front or the back, and in the back Jada can sit or stand.

And yet parts have been falling off for months. The thing is literally being held together by some screws and nuts I fished out of a big box of screws and nuts. And so, almost two years to the day we first bought our beloved orange "ol' faithful," we decided to get a new version: same model, slimmed down by 20 percent in weight, and in red.

So 1,200 to 1,500 miles later (i.e. a little bit over 2 miles a day), the orange one goes down the street to the secondhand store, to see if some other family can squeeze a few more miles out of it. And our shiny new red one will likely serve us for perhaps another two years, by which point both of our kids will almost certainly be too big to fit into it. (But perhaps if we keep adding Huangs, their little sibling or siblings might inherit it?)
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