Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Fun Day

This is what our lives have come to: overscheduling our weekends with activities, knowing that there's no way we'll do everything, and thus being able to peel off stuff depending on how much fun we're having at any given thing. So it's: jet to the next thing if we're bored, or miss it if we're having fun or are tired.

Thus, the morning slot had four things planned and we ended up doing two: Aaron's therapy session followed by an outing to the Carousel House for Family Fun Day, sponsored by the Philadelphia Interagency Coordinating Council. And the evening slot was to have us on the Penn campus for all sorts of kid-friendly graduation weekend festivities, but naps went long and TV beckoned (Madagascar 2 is strangely irresistible!), so we ended up skipping out on all the Penn fun and having dinner with family friends who were in town for their daughter's graduation.

It's a good way to keep a busy family on the go, while giving us all an out if we're too taxed. There's so much free, fun, and close stuff in Philly that there's always something to do. But we're learning to balance it with the need to take a break when people are worn out, or tread lightly if someone has woken up on the wrong side of bed.

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