Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun Outing Ooz-ing with New Sights

Yesterday morning found us at the zoo yet again. The fact that it is celebrating its 150th birthday this weekend probably contributed to higher attendance, even though it's still cold out. So that pushed us to the further parking lot instead of the closer one.

Lo and behold, they've opened up an entrance at that end. Creatures of habit that we are, it was like going through the zoo backwards. We almost always do the same things in the same sequence, so starting from the opposite end made for a fun outing full of new sights and new experiences: we saw flamingos and giraffes, played pin the tail on the donkey (Jada peeked), and looked but didn't touch row after row of zoo birthday cakes (Aaron may have brushed his paw against one). Good times with our two creatures.
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