Friday, February 13, 2009

Push Pull

One of Aaron's current "endearing" traits is the way he pushes something away and then immediately screams for it. (And by "endearing," I mean, I want to hurl myself onto a bed of nails.) A frequent culprit is the banana I offer him in the morning for breakfast. A typical exchange might go like this:

me: "Aaron, you want banana?"

Aaron: "Nooooo!" (As he waves it off frantically.)

me: "OK, no banana." (As I un-extend my arm and turn to put the banana away.)

Aaron: "Uh! Uh! Uh!" (As he frantically reaches for it.)

me: "You want it?" (As I re-extend my arm to re-offer it to him.)

Aaron: "Nooooo!" (As he waves it off frantically.)

And so on and so forth. This works with toys, too; and he's an equal opportunity pusher-puller in terms of time of day. Tomorrow our hero Maria comes over, and we will pose this conundrum to her. Til then, speculate with us what's going on in Aaron's head, and what is the appropriate response to this vexing behavior.
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