Friday, January 30, 2009

Tumult Takes Turns

If there's any relief to the stress that is parenting Aaron and Jada, it's that they are difficult at different times of the day. Jada is a joy in the morning: wide-eyed and ready for the day, she's just glad to be up, and is content to do her own thing for as long as you leave her. Aaron, on the other hand, can be a beast. His temper can be frightening at times, and one of these days I will get Amy to help my record diaper changes; it's like wrestling an alligator.

Fast forward to the end of the day, and Aaron becomes downright cherubic; a single mention of bedtime is all it takes to get him to compliantly follow you upstairs, where he'll cuddle you during prayers and fall softly into his crib. Jada, on the other hand, shows signs again of a worrisome level of anxiety: her bedtime routines have become stranger, and her wails more frequent. Amy and I alternate between wringing our hands and tearing out our hair.

This post is only slightly humorous; there is a seriousness to these challenges, as they speak to emotional issues our kids are likely going to need extra time and help to get through. Here's praying they know in the midst that their parents and their God love them dearly, no matter how much anger and angst courses through them in the morning or the evening.
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