Friday, January 09, 2009

Bring on the Weekend

I am writing to report that I have nothing to write or report. No posts since we returned from San Jose because Amy and I have both been sick - still! - so our days consist of slogging through our various work and personal responsibilities. Thankfully, the kids haven't caught anything, bulletproof as they are germ-wise, although Jada bumped her head at school and Aaron has been unleashing some spectacular tantrums.

We are increasingly becoming aware of our kids' extra needs, from a speech and behavioral standpoint, but have lately lacked the health and stamina to put in the extra time they need. And we are increasingly becoming aware of our need to take better care of ourselves, but everything's on hold while we gut through our ailments. Meanwhile, stuff's piling up and sleep is in short supply. Can the weekend come soon enough for this beleaguered bunch?

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