Sunday, December 07, 2008

Why My Right Shoulder Always Has Schmutz On It

Most every morning, I wake up before the kids, take care of my stuff,
and get showered and dressed. Jada usually pops up first, stomps
upstairs, gives me a hug, and then announces she wants to watch TV.

Then, Aaron announces his waking either with chants or wails, and so I
trudge upstairs to bring him down. I turn on the light, turn off the
air purifier, lift him out of his crib, and cradle him to my body, his
head resting on my right shoulder. Without fail, he sneezes twice,
the second one drawing snot, and then rubs his nose on my shoulder.

So if you see me first thing in the morning - any morning - and wonder
why my right shoulder has schmutz on it, now you know.

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