Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Came to San Jose

The way we did Santa in my house growing up was that my parents got my sister and I regular gifts, which were wrapped and under the Christmas tree, but Santa got us smaller stuff and put them in our stockings. As much as my parents' gifts were good, I think my sister and I always looked forward more to Santa coming, because it was always cool to wake up early on Christmas morning and go through our stocking loot: baseball cards, stickers, markers, and what not always seemed funner and more Christmasy, if that makes any sense.

Fast forward a generation, and lo and behold that Santa knew to show up at my parents' house to fill Jada and Aaron's stocking. They got mittens, race cars, and cloth books, among other knick knacks. They're probably still too young for it to be fun like it was for my sister and me, but they seemed to enjoy it just the same. Thank you, Santa. (And, thank you, Ama and Agong.)

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