Sunday, December 07, 2008

Party Girl

Earlier this month, I was contemplating whether or not to attend my
grad school's annual holiday party. It's a tight-knit alumni base, so
I would have the chance to see lots of old friends and colleagues; but
the evening time frame made it a challenge to juggle with family
responsibilities, especially with Amy squeezing every hour possible in
for studying. Perhaps I could go after Aaron went to bed and bring
Jada, since Aaron goes to bed so early and Jada likes to be social.

Separately, Amy said she had been invited to a gathering with some old
friends of hers, so that turned my choices into either staying home
with the kids or bringing them both. But then, the day of, Amy said
later she was sitting her meet-up out. So I decided to either go back
to Plan A, or, alternatively, to leave everyone at home and go solo.

I chose to pose the question to Jada to get her take. I sat down with
her and started to say, "Jada, I'm going to a party tonight," but
before I could finish the sentence, she blurted out, "I want to come!"
So while I put my suit on, Jada got her dress on, and shortly
thereafter, off we went into the night to my holiday party.

She was the only child there, but didn't seem to mind, taken as she
was by all the sights, the people in pretty clothes, and countless
types of cookies and cakes. And I was able to catch up with folks
with minimal distraction.

I joked with the school's director that in bringing her to events like
this, I was just trying to angle her in for an admission down the
road. All kidding aside, where Jada goes to grad school will wait for
another day; for now, I'm just glad our little party girl had a good
time out with me.

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