Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jada Huang, Infomercial Spokesperson

The one TV station our kids watch, Qubo, has infomercials instead of
commercials. One of the ones in heavy rotation is for a piece of
exercise equipment, and features a buff dude working out while a
dramatic voice-over sells the merits of the product. Being the human
tape recorder that she is, Jada will start quoting from this
infomercial at random times or in random places. So we'll be playing
puzzles or walking to school, and she'll say, "Wanna get strong?
Wanna get lean? Wanna get rips?" (She means "ripped.") My favorite
is when she recites the kinds of exercises you can do: "Pull-ups,
chin-ups, chips (she means "dips"), and crunch-chips (she means
"crunches")." Chips and crunch-chips? Hilarious.
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