Sunday, December 14, 2008

Downtown for Smoothies

It's crunch time for Amy's studies, and since she was planning on
taking the kids to her parents' church for a musical Saturday evening,
I decided it would be good to give her the house to herself that
morning. I was trying to decide between driving them to the zoo or
taking the subway downtown to Reading Terminal Market. Because of the
frigid temps, I was leaning towards the zoo: driving is less painful
than walking to and from the station, and the indoor areas of the zoo
are easier to keep watch in than the Market.

Except that Jada insisted that we go downtown, because she remembered
that whenever we go to the Market, I buy them smoothies. It didn't
take much to convince me, and off we went. She and Aaron got
smoothies, plus some Chinese food; and all for barely $10, including
the two tokens to get us to and from downtown. But the Market is a
hard place to let two young'uns run around, and Santa's at the zoo, so
if next weekend Amy's in need of a break, you'll likely find us at the

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