Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yes We Can

As this morning's church service drew to a close, I gently tried to
tell Jada we weren't going to go back to the fellowship hall afterward
for snacks like we usually do, because we had to hurry home. This
didn't go over to well with her, since eating snacks is one of her
favorite things about church, but I wasn't about to give in and let
her think that she could get her way with enough whining. So while I
dug in my heels, she gave a superb performance, alternating between
pleading and demanding, each of her words or gestures being met with
the same calm response from me.

Finally, when I thought she had given up and I had won, she asserted,
"Yes we can!" I burst out laughing, even as the rest of the
congregation was singing, smiled at Jada, and told her maybe we could
go back to the fellowship hall for snacks if we were quick. I may
know that it's important to draw the line in the face of tantrums and
whinings, but I'm no match for this generation's optimistic call to
action. Darn you, Barack Obama.

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