Monday, November 17, 2008

Jada's Special Quiet Time

After several months of no naps, we've gotten Jada to get back in the
habit. Not surprisingly, all it took was creating a new routine. She
is, after all, a creature of habit. And she had been napping at day
care, because there was a rhythm to it: same time every day, lights
out, everyone gets a mat.

To create the right mood at home took some creativity. Amy thought of
using the lamp in her room: "my special light," as Jada calls it. She
puts on her jammies and gets to play with her magnets. No bedtime
stories, no milk, no goodnight kiss. Just close the shades, close the
doors, and commence "Jada's special quiet time."

She'll play by herself for awhile, but each day the past three
weekends, she's eventually fallen asleep. The poor kid could
certainly use the sleep, given her 6 am wake up and active lifestyle.
I guess all it took was her own special routine. And now we've found

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