Saturday, November 01, 2008

Huang Family Newsletter, October 2008

Kids – A bonanza of kid-friendly outings, from two birthday parties to
two Halloween-themed trips to the aquarium; we celebrated Jada's
Gotcha Day, too. Of course, the most memorable outing was to South
Broad, where Dada and Jada were among hundreds of thousands cheering
on the 2008 World Series champion Phillies. Aaron stayed home for
that but then joined in on the Halloween parade and party that
followed. All throughout the month, both kids battled illness: Aaron
had strep throat and two ear infections (so tube surgery here we
come), and even indestructible Jada spend much of the month coughing
and sniffling.

Adults – Lee slogged through his work and other projects, coughing all
the way and even having to take a sick day in the middle of all that
when the 24-hour flu bug hit him. Amy diligently hit the books for
her boards whenever she had a spare moment, which, with all the
medical ailments this month, she didn't have many of.

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