Monday, October 06, 2008

That Sinking Feeling

You know that sinking feeling when you get to class, find out there
was a homework assignment that you didn't know about, and panic? Only
to wake up in a cold sweat, realizing you were only dreaming? That
happened to me today, except the last part - I wasn't dreaming.

Apparently there were notices at school about how each parent in
Jada's class was to help their child make a collage about themselves.
When I came in to pick up Jada today, I marveled at the finished
products of these efforts, only to have her teacher inquire where
Jada's was. To which I replied, "Huh?"

She pointed me in the direction of the notices, which I had never
bothered to pick up. There at the bottom, underlined, were those
panic-inducing words: "Due Monday, October 6." Oh well.

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